The Roosevelt and County Attorney

The County Attorney hasn’t improved. No charges were ever filed. This man and his “money” had influence. Civil rights and protection from these people is not guaranteed in the City of Cedar Rapids.

Cedar Rapids Activist

By Ajai Dittmar
I just feel the need to tell our side of the story since NOTHING will happen to this man who threatened my sons life. Apparently, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa if you have “more money than god” you can get away with just about anything!

Here is my side of the story:

My son asked me to come to the Roosevelt and talk to his manager, , with him because he and his roommate were having a lot of problems and he wanted to remove his roommate from the lease.

Click here to see part I
Click here to see part II

I decided when my son moved out that I wasn’t going to meddle and I have not done so until the woman called the police on me for recording her (even though she gave me permission) who ended up calling on her husband to come in…

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